Curative factors


The biological and therapeutical effects of the climate are tonic and stimulative, and certain factors specific to this area are sedative. The biological effects are due to the low atmospheric pressure, solar radiations of high intesity, mild temperatures, negative aero-ionization, the presence of ozone. The geographic position of the resort contributes to its friendly climate and helps against neurosis.


Known as „ Hebe ”, the 9 mineral springs are characterized as carbonated, bicarbonated, iodate, reach in chlorite, sodium, calcium, magnezium, poor in bromine and ferruginous, with a PH around 6-7, with a content of carbon dioxide of 1-1,9 g/l and a total mineralization of 8-10 g.


Their effect (mofette) consists of a strong sweat, together with the elimination of certain biological products – the loss of chlorides, determining a drop in gastric acidity and an increase in the elimination of uric acid. The vasodilatator action of carbon dioxide over teguments aims at the cardiovascular system and blood pressure, determining its drop after the procedure.

The natural curative factors are represented, in a happy association, by the mineral springs and the friendly climate, all in a natural and picturesque scenery. This association of highly efficient natural curative factors has determined the ample development of two balneary profiles in the resort: digestive and associated.