Balneoclimateric treatment

Spa treatment

Hebe hotelā€™s treatment complex has three sections of balneo-physiotherapy: hydrotherapy, thermotherapy and electrotherapy.


  • mineral baths
  • underwater shower


THERMOTHERAPY SECTION with procedures based on:

  • paraffin
  • solux



  • iono-galvanizations
  • ultra-short
  • ultraviolet waves
  • infrared waves
  • diadynamic currents
  • ultrasonotherapy
  • galvanic baths
  • magnetodiaflux
  • Trabert currents
  • interferential currents
  • Tens currents


and other treatments, such as:

  • massage
  • medical physical culture
  • aerosol with medicines
  • injections with mineral water
  • acupuncture
  • reflexotherapy

When using the balnear factors in the resort, there are some limitations that must be taken into consideration in order to protect the sick human body from converse reactions. They are contraindications and exclude the sick people from the balneary treatment, and are represented by:


  • all the acute affections
  • chronic affections in periods of high intensity
  • all the infectious diseases
  • all the venereal diseases
  • malignant tumors

Dietetic alimentation

Not only does dietetic alimentation exercise a curative action through itself, but it also increases the efficiency of the interanl cure. The value of those two curative factors ā€“ the internal cure and the dietetic alimentation ā€“ is so important that it can be associated with repose and rest, being able to heal or to improve digestive affections on long term, without any help from other procedures or medications.